The Next Generation of Warehouse Solutions

Introducing 54 Intralogistics, Powered By DARR

Due to the evolution of technological advances taking over of the material handling industry, Darr created 54 Intralogistics to help customers navigate challenges with advances in equipment technology, automated solutions and warehouse products. 

54 Intralogistics offers a specialized team of consultants, who are experts at integrating equipment and technology to more efficiently move and store products in warehouse, distribution and manufacturing applications

Our team is committed to helping our customers with all of their warehouse challenges. Our goal is to advance the productivity, safety and efficiency of your warehouse. Our specialists can offer help with:

  • Fully customized layout and design
  • Picking the right racking and shelving for your application
  • Setup and Install of all racking and shelving
  • Pairing the right machines with the right layout to maximize pallet positions and productivity
  • Recommending the right warehouse management system
  • Ensuring your solution meets codes and regulations

In addition, our team has experience with RFID technology, along with rail and wire guided forklift systems. These machines can help minimize operator fatigue, ensure you are picking the right product and eliminate unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Whether you are setting up a new warehouse, modifying an older one or just want to make your current warehouse more productive, we are here to help. We can provide a total solution or supplement the solution you have in place.

Contact us today to learn more about these offerings and to get a complimentary application survey.


Concerned with maximizing throughput, inventory control, and automation? We break down every aspect of your supply chain and develop process improvements to save you time and money.


Our team of experts from warehouse systems engineers to project managers along with intralogistics and software experts will consult with you to provide the best plan for your specific needs. We can also redesign your existing warehouse to help you increase throughput and productivity within your current space. Darr Equipment can include VNA or Very Narrow Aisle trucks into your design.


Take control of your warehouse with fully-automated and semi-automated systems by adding a AVG or Automated Guided Vehicle. Smarter, streamlined processes will make your supply chain more efficient, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity.


The right mix of equipment is critical to an optimized warehouse. We provide a vast range of industry-leading equipment, conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and other warehouse supplies to fit any solution.

System Integration

Our team will assist in integrating your order fulfillment technologies with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as well as provide the latest Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). This approach will allow the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to communicate to your lift equipment for better operational tracking and control.


Staying on schedule and on budget is our priority. The Darr Equipment team will build the project plan and manage the coordination, preparation and installation of your warehouse solutions project throughout the entire process.

Cold Storage

Our state-of-the-art EKX narrow aisle Stacker truck is backed by one of the most efficient and sophisticated service operations in the world, ensuring your investment is always in top condition to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently at all times.